Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Maya and Flash pt 2

Second post. We start work on the Flash side of this project.
I am using Flash CS4.

We'll start by using the footage we made with Maya. Open Flash and change the setting to 25 frames and the size of the canvass ____________. We need to do this first so the footage will run at the same time.

Then try to import the footage into Flash by going to file and import to libary. Try to bring the video straight in.

When we do this, we get a window giving us options of how we want to bring the footage in.

  • load external video with playback component
  • embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline (the one we want)
  • import as mobile device - video bundled in SWF
We click on the second option. It'll give us an error message because the file type isn't right. To correct this, click launch Adobe Media Encoder in the same window. It'll take a while to open but when it does you need to click on 'start queue' and save.

We now go back into Flash and go back into 'import to library' and this time chose the new file. Click 'ok continue' a few times and we have imported the video the way we need it for the tracing to work.

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