Sunday, 27 February 2011

Maya and Flash pt 1

Some shots are too complicated to be shown in 2d and even After Effects can't get everything right.

You going to have to sooner or later use 3d motion to get your point across. Maya is a good solution to this.
I'm only giving tips in this video. I'm not going to concentrate on any particular background or scene.

I'm working on my own model and expect that I can only really safely explain some of the basic modeling and animatic the camera shots.
Basic modeling:
When you open Maya you can see the polygons options on the shelf.

Animating a camera and moving it:
We can easily make a camera by going to 'create' and 'camera'.
Moving a camera: click on the camera and click 'S' on the keyboard. This will make a keyframe on the time-line. Move the slider along the timeline and change the camera along the scene and click 's' again and create another keyframe. This gives you the Maya equivalent of a 'tween' (the filled animation between two key-frames).

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