Sunday, 27 February 2011

Working In Premier Pro

We have our images - now we are going to have to set them to time.
Premier Pro,

Open Premier Pro.

Create a new project, name it (name)_animatic_001.

We take the png files we made and add them into the new project by dragging them into the library on the left.

Find any sound files you want, voices or extras and also add them.

N.B. Keep it organised in the library by using files and naming them.

Drop the images as well as any sound you're using into the timeline.

Strech the background so it fits the screen on the top left.

You should keep the backgound on the bottom layer and the images of your character on top in the time-line. This is why we cut them out. We can now move them freely around the screen over the background and animate them easily.

We animate them by clicking on the image and opening the motion box. We get all the options we need to animate;
  • postion: where the image or video is on the screen
  • size: how big the image or video is on screen
  • rotation: turing the image or video by the pivot point
  • anchor point: the pivot point on the image
  • opacity: degree of transparency
In the video I show some basic tweening (animation between two key frames) with these options and make keyframes on the timelike in the shape of little diamonds.

This should be enough to get you started in Premier Pro.

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